Holy Page Records is a label run by Christian Filardo located in Baltimore, Maryland. Merciful to some, devoted to none. Contact

Today I am happy to share with you some of the best experimental music I have heard in an extremely long time. After scouring the net for days, I stumbled upon Oberlin, OH based electronic weirdo and genius William Johnson’s music. Performing under the name “wm johnson” Johnson creates stereo landscapes and mine fields unlike any other heard before! Be sure to check this one out, or you will be sorry!

Grab from the bandcamp link below or from the distro HERE!

We have two new radical tapes out today for y’all. From the chillest beat material to the most advanced experimental works. Check them out at the bandcamp links below of grab them from the DISTO HERE!

Cult figure Nick Wise is making glasses right now in Swannanoa, North Carolina. The two of us went to school together in the rural tourism trap known as Sedona, Arizona. While Nick isn’t carving glass for the blind he is either meditating or making music. Here wise graces us with his first enigmatic outing as “¥℃£€₱₮ ΙΠ§₫₪” grab this before it blows up.

Premier Baltimore weird duo Mold Omen make some of the raddest lo-fi experimental avant whatever around. “Ascension or Whatever” goes to that cavernous cathartic place that a lot of darker experimental music goes to, but does it in the most humorous way possible. To me these jams are tender sometimes goofy parts of what make up a radically smart existential collection of eight works from two complex buds.

Our first release of 2014 is officially here. I present to you Hungry Cloud Darkening’s “Glossy Recall”. This ten song pop juggernaut is sure to warrant repeat listens. Navigate this journey on bandcamp or via purchased limited edition cassette tape!

The minds of Nicholas Wilbur, Paul Adam Benson, and Allyson Foster, create an ever evolving album of advanced arrangement. Bittersweet, to listen to, you just can get enough.

You can grab it from the bandcamp link above or our distro HERE.

The label turns three in February, we are doing a big ole compilation, feel free to submit a jammer!

Alright people, remember when the radio was real good, remember when one song was just as important as an entire record? Well here at Holy Page we do too and that is why we are dropping this amazing three tape cassingle box set featuring some of our favorite pop singer songwriters! Julie Byrne, Ever Ending Kicks, and Filardo all slay it really hard here. Bump it now or bump it later, most of all, keep it real!

So we are doing this wild deal were you get all the Holy Page tapes that are currently available in our REP DISTRO for $100 smackers. It’s basically %50 off the entire discography. Check it out if you feel like it, lots of the tapes are running out and with this deal I will even throw in a few out of print copies of some Good Amount tapes I found!

Likely to be considered Holy Page Record’s most accessible release Baltimore resident Robert Fronzo’s project “Pools” walks the line between pop punk and singer songwriter gracefully. As engaging as he is sarcastic Fronzo has a knack for writing songs that will get stuck in the chasms of your mind. Eventual Horizon features a collection of tracks without a home, bedroom demos, and carefully arranged album worthy songs combine to create Pool’s first physical release. Listen and feel the feelings of a twenty something. A REALLY GOOD MUSIC.

Pick it up from bandcamp or our distro

Synthesis prone and muddled with noise, Grey Keeper’s jams are a unique blend of lo-fi drama and textural soundscapes. Currently residing in post industrial New Jersey Grey Keeper keeps the machines moving.
Bump this and grab it from bandcamp or the REP Distro.

We have got a ton of new tapes in the distro from Like Young Records and I Had An Accident Records. How exciting, everything from pop jammers to out there electronic titles, bump um asap!

In honor of fall I give you this gentle ambient offering. Spooks is the project of Kidderminster resident Luke Bartlett, smooth, dark, and hypnotic this CS “In Shadows Deep” lingers between green and orange. Watch the leaves change and listen to this slammer.

Limited to 50 hand pressed copies, grab one while you still can.

Pick it up from the REP distro or from bandcamp below.