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A Note About Our Hard Working Friends. Post One!

As we all know it is hard to succeed and garner enthusiasm without the support of some really good friends. This is a post I wanted to make to show all of you some of our coolest buddies who are doing things just as cool as we are! Thought you might be interested and excited about what they are doing as well! 

-Slowest Press (AZ/MD printmaking)

-Crash Symbols (Oakland Tape Gods)

-Wizards of The Ghosts (Spirit Label)

-Lava Church (Florida Based God)

-Otherworldly Mystics (VA MVP)

-OffTempo (Kindred Record Bro) 

-Bucky Miller (Photo Man)

-Cutty Spot (Writer/Sweetheart #1 Guy)

-Gilgongo Records (AZ Record Veteran/Inspiration) 

-Tagobella (Great Label/unique vision) 

-Sewage Tapes (Obvious Bros)

-Spring Break Tapes (New BUDDIES!) 

-No Kings Record Cadre (Infinite Talent and Potential)

Probably going to do these posts periodically in installments, because there are way to many people who deserve acknowledgement. So consider this the first one, check stuff out!  

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