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Hey Ya’ll,

Holy Page curator and sole worker here, I just wanted to include ya’ll on some things that are going on around here and possibly get you stoked if you are into that sort of thing. With 2012 coming to a close here at Holy Page we have a handful of tape releases coming through, including works by Tabor MTN, Lovebrrd, Mandarin Dynasty, a compilation, James Fella, Ectoplasm, Schultz, and others. While we are super stoked for all of these releases we are equally stoked to announce our movement forward as a label and artistic entity in the coming months and year.

In 2013 we hope to do our first vinyl release. Ideally the release will be of my brother Tom’s next record. Tom plays music as “Filardo” and his new record Falling Up is reaching completion. Currently Tom is on tour with Mount Eerie in his other band Bouquet and is tearing it up! However, Falling Up will still be coming out, as Filardo is Tom’s solo project. The art is already done and now I just need to rake in the cash too put the LP out. I am not going to do a kickstarter to do this because I don’t believe in that, but I am going to offer some pretty sickening deals in our online distro.

These deals include things like any four tapes for $15, a custom made mix tape with hand done art for $8, a framed 11x14 hand done collage w/tape for $15, and much more.

By supporting this attempt for Holy Page to move forward as a label you are supporting my artistic integrity and desire to push myself. If this release happens it would be beyond my wildest dreams. Thanks for reading this and considering the possibilities of Holy Page’s future! In closing I am including a few videos for songs off of Tom’s last record Enter the Edit Suite, enjoy!

Yours Truly,

Christian Filardo 

Filardo - I Can Love You More from Christian Filardo on Vimeo.

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