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We have two more tapes out today for ya’ll. Here is a brief little piece about them both.

James Fella is probably one of the most influential musicians in the Phoenix/Tempe music scene. He has braved the waves of good and bad bands in the valley for years and through it all has taken his sound to amazing places. Between his incredible stereo solo sets, poignent no wave punk hybrid project Soft Shoulder, and running his label Gilgongo Records James is a constantly active and important member of the Phoenix/Tempe music and arts community. 

That being said, what I am releasing today is a stereo noise performance by James created entirely with electronics. Inexplicable Confetti, is precise and lingers just long enough. To me it represents Fella’s work in a condensed approachable form. This stuff is amazing and I am so excited to share it with you.

Second I have a released called “let it b” from California band burgers. I found out about this project through one of my favorite contemporary musicians John Brumley (Burglars, Sagan Genesis, Monetary Babe Aquarium) as he is apart of this project along with Roy Werner and some other rad people. This stuff is wild off the cuff no wave surf stuff. It’s pretty over the top and raw just how it should be, there are subtle things done with the recordings that make this release extra special check it out for yourselves, it will be fun! 

Buy both tapes from our distro here if you please! 

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