Holy Page Records is a label run by Christian Filardo located in Baltimore, Maryland. Merciful to some, devoted to none. Contact

    Driving infinitely on, seeing the heat come off the pavement as the car doesn’t move. Thinking about everything that has dissolved over the last couple years and if there is really anything worth collecting from the sediment. On Key Losers single “Horizon Line” the listener is lead into a narrative illustrated by saxophone, guitar, piano, bass, drums, and some soft powerful vocals.  Mountains blow away and the wind and we pick them up again.

    Here at Holy Page I feel super privileged to give you the chance to listen to and download one of the singles off of the new Key Loser’s record “California Lite”. California Lite will be released on Vinyl on the label P.W. Elverum and Sun (The Microphones and Mount Eerie) in late May. 

Get it Here

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